Manage all your printing projects with a simple mouse click. Our electronic document management system will help you streamline your ordering process. Place orders, create requests for proposals and manage your inventory through a web platform that is available 24 hours a day.

We have solutions for all your ordering, online approval and shipping needs. Our 100% secure system will enhance your productivity and minimize the risk of errors.

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Our services

  • Document management:
    Product library, inventory manager, online production monitoring

  • Personalization module:
    Document creation, personalized mailings, etc.

  • Shipping management:
    Shipping module, address book, database-managed mass mailing

  • Online billing:
    Department-based budget management, credit card payment

  • Approval module:
    Online approval, administrator account for online approval, email approval system, reports and statistics

  • Report generation:
    User-, department- and product-based reporting