Conventional offset printing

L’Empreinte boasts of a stable team and an efficient and flexible equipment pool, all thanks to its structured and well-managed growth. Surrounded by mergers, we are proud to have retained our independence.

Our expertise and our modern presses, both large and small, enable us to guarantee first-rate print media. We are passionate about our work and, for L’Empreinte, quality always comes first.

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Strength you can trust

Our experienced press operators and our superior equipment help us deliver high quality projects every time. We mainly use Heidelberg presses for their reliability, durability and consistent results.



Office supplies and corporate documents, catalogs and magazines, art books and publishing, promotion and point-of-sale materials and many more.

Ink laboratory

Among the many measures we deployed to maintain the quality and consistency of our products, we installed a Heidelberg laboratory on our premises in partnership with the German company.

The laboratory, using Saphira inks, enables us to offer non-traditional ink recipes and specialized coatings that can be used on any medium.


Prepress is a crucial step of the production process in which we ensure that the documents to be printed meet our clients’ graphical standards.

We were among the first to improve our printing processes, for instance by adopting computer-to-plate (CTP) technology to eliminate the need for films, by offering stochastic screening to improve colour quality and image accuracy and by mastering the MetalFX (now known as Color-Logic) process to produce an infinite range of metallic shades.


Metallic printing

L’Empreinte is one of the few printing companies to offer the Color-Logic process. In this printing technique, metallic ink is applied to the paper and followed by a 4-colour process. This enables us to produce an infinite range of metallic effects at a lower cost and, importantly, faster than with conventional processes. The end result is vibrant and richly textured.