L’Empreinte: A mission

Our reputation is founded on our ability to meet all of our clients’ needs and expectations. Our products and services are constantly evolving as new technologies emerge. We strive to be at the heart of your business decisions and to become partners of your success.

Our commitment

For L’Empreinte, total quality goes beyond certification: It is a commitment that drives every employee. The quality control processes we implement at each production stage, along with our employee’s skills and expertise, have proven their worth. We use visual text and colour inspection procedures as early as the prepress stage. Our proofs provide us with an accurate visualization of the finished product before it goes into production.

During the project planning stage, technical specifications are noted in a work order using the specifications and approved proofs. An employee must approve the product before it can be advanced to the next stage, a process repeated at each stage until the final product is delivered. Press operators also exercise constant visual control during the printing process to ensure that the product conforms to the desired image.

We also invite our clients to internal press approvals. All our controls are performed by colourimetry. Our archiving policy enables us to reprint materials anytime and on demand, without sacrificing quality.

Strictly between us

The security and confidentiality of all our projects are of the utmost importance to us. Our employees understand that our work is confidential and must sign a confidentiality agreement upon being hired. Only the employees who are involved in the production of a given project are granted access to the project and relevant information about it.

Projects are archived and retained for a period of five years for our clients’ future consultation, reprinting or other purposes. We have secured document transfer agreements with other firms to minimize the potential impact of a major disaster on our clients. We regularly back up our computer systems to eliminate the risk of losing critical information. Clients who entrust us with their inventory management are provided with secure, limited-access storage space.

The FTP site where documents are uploaded as well as our inventory and web-to-print management systems are completely secure and protected by client-managed passwords. We host these applications on our own servers, which are also secured according to industry best practices.