L’Empreinte thinks green

We maximize the environmental management of our operations because we believe in a healthy environment for all of us.

  • We invested in a complete recovery system that recovers and recycles 90% of solvents, coatings and wastewater.

  • We installed signs and recycling bins throughout our facilities to maximize the recovery of recyclable materials.

  • We always recycle excess paper.

  • We are always researching procedures that may help us maximize energy savings and minimize, or even eliminate, the use of non-recycled and non-recyclable materials.

  • We raise our employee’s awareness of sustainable development issues through adequate information and by providing means of recovering their recyclable waste materials.

  • We use printing processes that minimize the use of less ecologically sound materials. Recycled paper, aqueous coatings and vegetable inks reduce the use of toxic materials without compromising the quality of our products.

L’Empreinte has always considered the impact of printing processes on our planet and is attentive to its clients’ concerns about the environment.